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Spectrobes Incubator Health c

The fate of the universe is in your hands!

Spectrobes boxart The 2007 title that started it all. Follow Rallen and Jeena's quest to find the Spectrobes and destroy the Krawl before they destroy the Nanairo galaxy!

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Prism Burst

Go beyond the portals!

Spectrobes Beyond the Portals The sequel to the first game introduces 3D models, team Spectrobe battles and many new characters, including a new bad guy intent on destroying everything! Rallen and Jeena must do all they can to stop the Krawl a second time!

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Spectrobes Origins Exploration Phase Spikan Punch

Monster Battle. Evolved.

Spectrobes Origins box The series' first outing on home console, expect real-time battles to get a whole lot more immersive! Rallen and Jeena must discover the secrets of the past and destroy the Krawl once again to keep the future safe!

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Kaio is the only Spectrobe to not have an in-game model on the Spectrobes: Origins game disc, only appearing in certain cutscenes. Naturally, this also means that Kaio is the only Spectrobe lacking a database entry.

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