Subordinate of Krux
Second of the High Krawl (formerly)
Third of the High Krawl
First Appearance

Maja is the only female High Krawl and lost her authority position because of Gronos. The first battle with Maja on Daichi is unbeatable, as her Dark Spectrobes' health cannot be depleted, only reduced to 1 HP. The second on Darkmos can only be fought with Dark Spectrobes. In the third battle on Nox, Maja transforms into her Krawl form to protect a rare Xelles (Thoraxa), a spawn of Krawl which Rallen destroyed on Meido. The Xelles can replenish Maja's health, making her difficult to defeat. Maja introduces herself in Genshi and is on the planets Hyoga, Daichi, Fons, Darkmos, and Nox.

Appearance Edit


Maja in her humanoid form.

Maja is humanoid and female in appearance despite her being a Krawl. Her dress, hair, and skin are different shades of purple, and her cloak is dark blue. Two extensions of her hair are longer than the rest and resemble a hook when you battle her. It is shown that she can manipulate this tendril of hair to lift heavy objects and grab ledges.


Maja in her Krawl form The property of Maja is Dark, as shown when you fight her Krawl form. She has 7000 HP. Her Dark Spectrobes are Pinska and Makanoto (Dark Spikan and Dark Komanoto). The best Dark Spectrobe to use against her is Zyrdrake, matched with Leopuba. After you finish the game, you can rematch her in Krux's Throne room. She will appear in Levels 4, 5, and 6 in the Krawlosphere.


  • Maja's name is possibly derived from a type of tulip, specifically one with fringed edges that cause it to slightly resemble a carnivorous plant such as a venus flytrap.
  • Maja can be considered the first female character in the series to command Spectrobes.
    • This is, however, disputable because Krawl are technically genderless, and because Maja can only use Dark Spectrobes.


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