System Hakaba
Classification Krawl Base
Moons 0
Areas 1

Krux's base in the Hakaba System. It is hidden by a dark force field. The only way that Rallen and Jeena could break through the shell was by making seven Dynaliums, light-based weapons, each charged with a separate color of light.

Krux's PalaceEdit

This place is sort of like a puzzle. You need to go through many portals to get to Krux. SPOILER: You must go through the portals that move left, the ones that move right are traps and will send you back to the first portal room. Note: You just have to pick a portal and keep going through ones that spin the same way. Usually they move left. The Krawl Vortexes are purple and inside of them are Dark Spectrobes, mostly Trogazars. The room sequence is 4 rooms, a room with healing and fossils/minerals, two rooms, the Krawlosphere, one room, Jado, one room, throne room entryway, and then Krux. A few rooms before the final battle is the powerful Jado, but this time, he has his power, and all of the powers of the other High Krawl. After you beat Krux, a Sequence Battle will take his place in the throne room.

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