Meido is the seventh and most distant planet in the Nanairo system. It and Himuro are so far away from the central five planets that a standard NPP cruiser cannot reach it. Although it does not have any moons, Himuro orbits it as though it is one, even though it is regarded as a separate planet.


Meido is the planet used by the Krawl as their base of operations in Spectrobes, and the final planet visited in the game. The planet is first accessible when Rallen and Jeena power up the Ancient Starship, allowing them to visit the outer planets, but Meido is surrounded by a dark field, meaning that they cannot access the planet's surface. However, they are able to get rid of the darkness surrounding the planet by adjusting the position of Himuro so that it reflects the light of the sun onto the planet, allowing them to land on Meido and take on the Krawl.


In episode 10 of the Spectrobes video series, Rallen also fights the boss Krawl on Medio. During the battle, both of Rallen's Spectrobes are defeated, so he calls upon Tindera within the Flame Geo. Tindera throws a fireball at the planet which supposedly destroys the boss Krawl as well as the darkness surrounding the planet and the opening portal that would allow the Krawl to flood into the system.




  • Meido is a Japanese term referring to the underworld, or the world of the dead.

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