メナハット Menahut

Menahat is a large desert planet and the second planet in the Kaio system. It mostly contains Spectrobes and Krawl of the Earth Property.

Thousands of years ago, Menahat was the central planet of the Kaio system, possessing many large cities. The planet was not only filled with Spectrobes but also had numerous Spectrobe Masters. However, the Great Krawl War devastated the planet; the Spectrobe Masters fought off the sudden massive invasion of Krawl, but their numbers were greatly dwindled. By the time the war had ended, the planet of Menahat had become a barren wasteland, it's current state. The tower on Slayso was built as a war memorial, dedicated to Menahat.

Database Entry Edit

Endless deserts stretch as far as the eye can see. Once home to a great city in ancient times. Major corporations began mining here after discovering Antigravity Stone.

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