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Headquarters of the NPP on Kollin.

The Nanairo Planetary Patrol (abbreviated to NPP, once referred to by Rallen as the Nanairo Planetary Space Patrol at the end of Spectrobes: Beyond the Portals), is the police force of the Nanairo Star System. Not much is said about the Patrol in-game, but it can be inferred that it services the inner five planets of the Nanairo system and may also serve as a defense force for the system.

A standard patrol cruiser is given to any pair of officers, and said cruiser may be modified at a Service Bay orbiting Kollin. Standard NPP officers wear a special gray/white suit that has two models, one presumably for males and one for females. Oddly, the officers also usually wear what looks like a painter's hat. The NPP headquarters has a docking bay for particular sales people and their ships. The saleswoman for Healing items (Serums), along with as the salesman for excavation tools, have appeared in the first and second games in the series, so it might be assumed that the docking area is reserved for them, or they might be official salespeople for the NPP. In the second game, a girl named Wakaba sells badges at this bay, and is also possibly an employee. 

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