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Nessa is the fourth planet in the Nanairo system. It is a desert planet. has three areas the player needs to explore with areas 1 and 3 being part of the story. Nessa is home of the ruins, a giant spaceship created by the ancients to explore distant places within the universe.

Area 1 (Lilton) Edit

This area is the only city on Nessa. It is home to excavation teams and Cyrus, a rare-item collector. Rallen needed to bargain with him twice on his journey, once for a rare cube and once for the blue keystone, the latter being given to him for the first barter. Nessa Area 1 is also where the mineral selling man appears, Rallen, if he is in need for money, may sell him minerals to get gura, the more precious the more gura Rallen gets.

Area 2 (Desert) Edit

Area 2 is a desert area that is a major necessity to the story itself, not needed to complete the story. Usually if battle krawl in this desolite environment you'll fight cactswars more than any other krawl. Area 2's landscape is lighter that that of Area 3's.

Area 3 (Ruins) Edit

This area is undoubtedly the most important area of Nessa. It's where Nessa's ruins stand. Rallen must explore the place and retrieve the blue keystone for Cyrus, and exploring it again to activate the ruin's spaceship control. Nessa Area 3's landscape is darker than Nessa Area 2's and have more black vortexes, but this area is a goldmine of minerals with more B and A minerals than the other areas of Daichi, Genshi and Nessa itself, aside from the Tabletop Mountains.

Role in the Games Edit

Nessa is very important in the games, as it is commonly explored because of its many unusual minerals. It's more important because Cyrus resides here, and he is involved in giving Rallen key items to aid him in his quest. Also because of the fact that it is the planet that you obtain the ancient starship.

Spectrobes: Beyond the PortalsEdit

Nessa in Spectrobes Beyond the Portals is mostly used to sell the minerals you buy.

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