Nox is a distant planet in the Hakaba system that the Krawl attacked years ago. As a result of the attack, the entire planet was been hollowed out, leaving an outer shell with next to no structure inside.

According to Aldous, the planet was home to an ancient, advanced civilization many years ago. The inhabitants were able to fend off the Krawl attacks for many years because of the Dynalium, a device that collected rays of sunlight and amplified them in the form of a beam of energy that could be fired from it. Eventually the Krawl were able to overpower them, though, and were able to destroy the planet, entirely gouging Nox while somewhat sparing it. The inhabitants, however, were able to evacuate, later inhabiting the Giorna star system, thus making Aldous one of their descendants.


  • Area 1 - "The center of this dead planet in the Hakaba System looks like it has been gouged out."
  • Area 2 - "The walkable surface on the planet Nox. It is home to an ancient ruin. "


Area 1Edit


Official Nox Artwork

Area 1 is part swamp, part lava. The first portion of this area is the swamp, which features fossils buried in bodies of water that must be vacuumed in order to excavate them. The next portion is volcanic; The crashed Ancient Starship is found here, alongside Aldous. This is also where a great deal where the usually rare Chroma Minerals can be found.

Area 2Edit

Area 2, also known as Nox City was abandoned by the inhabitants. The city is cloudy and dull looking. Most of the Krawl in this area are Flash property. The Dynalium is located in this area.

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