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Kaio Listing #32
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ユキノジョウ Yukinojou
Pagani 3D
7.8 ft.
1752 lbs.
Beyond the Portals
Evolution Line
Child Adult Evolved

Pagani (ユキノジョウ Yukinojou) is a Water Property Adult Spectrobe. It is the evolution of Paga and it evolves into Pagadori.


Pagani appears as a penguin-like Spectrobe, with two large eyes and a beak on its face with an icicle headdress on its head. It's body is covered with feathers, with wing arms and ski feet like its Child form.


  • Spectrobes: Origins - "This little comedian likes to make people laugh to hide its insecurity."

Attacks and AbilitiesEdit

  • Basic attack: Ice Shot
  • Strong Attack: Ice Flip - "Pagani spreads its wings like flower petals and spins while firing ice balls at its foe!"
  • Charge Attack: Snow Tulip - "Pagani whirls like a flower in the wind, slamming chunks of ice against its foe!"
  • Bonus Ability: Blast Up - "Increases the power of both Pagani and your indirect attacks." (ATK (indirect attacks) +20%)




  • Pagani's SPL ATK has hits many times but has a very low attack value. It is so low, a LV23 Pagani performing this attack against Gigardos gives 0 damage in 10 out of the 15 hits, and an average of 3 for the other 5. It is not recommended to use Pagani against this boss.

Name EtymologyEdit

Language Name / Etymology
Icon-English English Pagani
Feminine distortion of パゴダ (pagoda), + ni (unknown)
Icon-Japanese Japanese ユキノジョウ Yukinojou
Literally 雪の嬢, daughter of the snow


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