"Partners" is the thirteenth episode of the Spectrobes video series.


Rallen learns the hard way about the importance of teamwork.


Rallen awakes in bed, confused as to what is happening; Professor Wright explains that, after making it to the cave, he was taken to a hospital on Kollin. Jeena then explains that she put the ship in the forest to avoid detection, as per "one of those boring protocols," Rallen retorting that a direct approach "would have saved time." Jeena then informs him that, because he failed, the fossil research facility on Genshi was destroyed, though Rallen states that it wasn't his fault, then reminds him that "our responsiblity to the NPP begins with our responsibility to each other," before leaving. Rallen then states that all he really wants is to be the best.

In another room, Commander Grant is examining Professor Wright's findings on Genshi when Jeena shows up. The commander states that Wright told him that Rydrake and Leozar could not defeat the Dark Spectrobe; Jeena affirms this, stating that that is why Rallen needs the objects.

Rallen is still in bed, contemplating what Jeena said, when Commander Grant shows up. Grant states that he may be a great pilot, the question is, are you NPP material, or just another airshow stunt pilot?" causing him to think back to Jeena again. Grant states that if he cannot grasp why they work in teams, he will be discharged.

In the lab again, Jeena is at work removing the rock from the objects when Professor Kate shows up. Kate remarks that she hasn't left since the incident; Jeena states that they were lucky they could escape alive, and that they "can't count on that kind of luck twice," as well as that, as Rallen's partner, she has to make sure they don't need luck, though Kate states that Rallen is already lucky. At that moment, an alarm then starts sounding.

Out on the runway, Rallen is about to take off, as there are more Krawl on Genshi; he asks Jeena how fast she can get to the ship, but she tells him to go, as she still isn't finished modifying the part, telling Rallen to buy time. Rallen is reluctant to go, but Jeena affirms him that she needs him to improvise this time, which Rallen accepts.


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