Patrol Cruiser

The Patrol Cruiser is a type of starship employed by the Nanairo Planetary Patrol. These ships are small and nimble, making them ideal for patrolling the Nanairo system. While they can travel between planets relatively quickly, their range is limited. The early cruisers could only travel as far as Ziba, the fifth planet, lacking the equipment to travel to the sixth or seventh planets.



The main body looks like a sleek box with a long, pointed nose. The two boosters attached to the sides resemble the main body, with two fins protruding from the bottom and two from the top. The main body, in turn, has four fins attatched to its midsection: two per side, two facing up and two facing down. The bridge sits on top of the main body, while a smaller unit above that. Two more fins adorn the top of this part, one red and one blue. The other fins, like the body, are white, although the tips are red.

Spectrobes: Beyond the PortalsEdit

Beyond the Portals adds the feature to customize the ship. In the Service Bay over Kollin, the front, sides, and back of the cruiser can be interexchanged with one of eight types of parts. These parts can be manufactured by talking to Hank, or obtained through card input.


The new model cruiser retains the much of the same shape and aspects of its predecessor, although the boxiness of the rear main body has been reduced. The red and blue fins have been moved to lie along the top of the bridge, while large yellow fins have been added in their place.


Aside from the cockpit, the ship contains two pods, one leading to the lower level of the ship, and one that can be used to heal and save.

Spectrobes: OriginsEdit

Little time has passed since the recent conflict with the Krawl in Malik, so the Rallen's and Jeena's cruiser still has the Ancient Ship custom parts attached.

Additionally, when Commander Grant's ship is seen both during the flashbacks and at the end of the game, it resembles Rallen and Jeena's cruiser seen in this game.


Patrol Cruiser (Interior)

the interior of the cruiser in Spectrobes: Origins.

The biggest change to the interior of the ship in this game is that there is only one floor containing the Lab System and cockpit, instead of the two being separated into two floors in previous games. The Lab System is now split into two modules: one housing the Incubator, the other for the database.


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