Nanairo Listing #151
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ブレイスパイクD Bureisupaiku D
8.2 ft.
947 lbs.
Beyond the Portals
Evolution Line
Child Adult Evolved
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Pikos Pinska Pinorska

Pinorska (ブレイスパイクD Bureisupaiku D) is the Evolved form of Pinska and its Child form, Pikos, and a Dark Spectrobe of the Aurora Property. It is the Dark Spectrobe counterpart of Spikanor.


Pinorska looks exactly the same as Spikanor, but with a different color. Its eyes are red, with a navy blue body and lighter blues accenting its body features. Running down off the back of its head is a mane, with two horns on the sides of its head. On its knees and elbows and lining its tail are spikes, and on its wrists are sets of three claws over its fists. At the end of its tail is a large spiked ball.


A Pinorska first appears in episode 12 of the video series. When Maja summons her Pinska to fight Rallen's Spectrobes, she gives it a Ruby mineral, causing it to evolve into Pinorska. Rallen's Rydrake and Leozar try to fight it, but they are defeated.

Rallen and his Spectrobes later face Pinorska again in episode 14. The Spectrobes are once again easily taken down, but after Jeena gives Rydrake and Leozar the Custom Parts, the Dark Spectrobe is defeated.


Attacks and AbilitiesEdit

  • Normal: Slashes with its claws, then swings its tail.
  • CH Attack: Seismashok - "Damages the enemy ahead by jabbing its claws into the ground."



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