Poison is a status effect that when in effect shows a purple blob around the character, Spectrobe, or Krawl. It depletes the health of the creature or character that is afflicted at a rate of 4-5% of total HP every 3 seconds, but wears off after 6 or 7 hits.

Spectrobes: OriginsEdit

In Spectrobes: Origins, the poison effect appears as a purple cloud around the afflicted character's body. Damage from this status causes flinching; that means at any time a poisoned character receives damage from the status effect, anything it was doing will be stopped and replaced with a flinch animation, causing a combo to be broken, or a Spectrobe command to be cut halfway. There are a few exceptions to this effect, however. For example, flinching by poison (or any type of flinching, in fact) will not be experienced while the player is swinging an Ax.

Poison GuardEdit

In the game, only 3 Spectrobes have the Plant Boost ability; a Bonus Ability that, on top of reducing damage from Plant-based attacks, also protects both the Spectrobe and the player from poison by a certain percentage when activated. They are:

Spectrobe Spikan Spikanor Bombzar
Image Spikan 3D Spikanor 3D Bombzar 3D
Bonus Ability Plant Boost Plant Boost+ Plant Boost++
Poison Guard 30% 60% 100%
Plant Damage Reduction -10% -15% -20%

Capable of PoisoningEdit


  • Rapagu - STG ATK Seed Blast, SPL ATK Seed Shower
  • Daidongu - SPL ATK Megaton Seed
  • Piximi - STG ATK Flash Beam
  • Florami - STG ATK Flower Ray

Legendary Weapons



  • Out of all the 5 status effects, Poison is the only one to be able to kill an afflicted character (the other four do not affect HP).

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