Professor Wright is a supporting character in Spectrobes and Spectrobes: Beyond the Portals. He researches fossils and owns a laboratory on Genshi. Afterwards he moves to Kollin in Beyond the Portals.


Professor Wright is the main researcher of the Fossil Research Institute on Genshi. In the game, he is a non-playable minor character who gets trapped by black vortexes. After being saved by Rallen, he gives away the fossil he had found, which is an Aopod with a Custom Part.

Spectrobes Beyond the PortalsEdit

In Spectrobes: Beyond the Portals, Wright is shown at the lab on Genshi during the invasion of the Krawl. There he was studying the three properties of Spectrobes but had to evacuate due to the invasion. While escaping he was injured and brought to Kollin where he would build his new lab.

While Rallen and Jeena look for the High Krawl on Genshi, Wright explains the Flash Property and Custom Parts to them.

When Rallen finds Aldous's Prizmod, he gives it to Wright to examine it in hopes of finding the old man's whereabouts. Once Aldous is found they go to his lab to prepare to open the gateway to the Krawl's home planet.


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