Fire barrier

Fire Barrier

Property Barriers are obstacles that appear on planets throughout Spectrobes: Origins. There is a barrier for each Property, and they can only be removed by searching them with a Child Spectrobe of the corresponding Property, indicated by the symbol on the barrier. They reveal hidden areas where Stone Markers can be found.

Below is a list of Property Barriers by planet, along with their properties.


  • Ancient Village (Earth)
  • Dawn Bridge (Fire)
  • Excavation Site (Earth)
  • Inception Hill (Sky)
  • Sunny Grassland (Plant)
  • Valley of Mist (Water)


  • Forest Shortcut (Plant)
  • Glow Moss Cave (Sky)
  • Green Ruins B1 (Plant)


  • Long Snowfield (Water)
  • Ice Ruins B1 (Water)
  • Icicle Cavern (Water)


  • Desert Ruins 2 (Fire)
  • Desert Ruins 3 (Water)
  • Desert Ruins 4 (Plant)
  • Desert Ruins 5 (Earth)
  • Desert Ruins 6 (Sky)


There are no Property Barriers on Slayso.


  • Fire Ruins B1 (Fire)
  • Fire Ruins B3 (Fire)


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