Radese 3D

I'm afraid disaster and evil are facts of life. That's the inescapable truth, my friends, unfortunately. - Radese, after receiving the Cosmolinks back from Rallen and Jeena at the end of Spectrobes: Origins

Radese makes his debut in Spectrobes: Origins and is the elderly chief of Haven Village. His family has governed the village for generations. Radese, like his male ancestors, were known for their warm, friendly personalities.

Role in OriginsEdit

Right after arriving in the Kaio system, Rallen and Jeena pick up a distress call originating on the nearby planet Wyterra. He explains that they are being attacked by the Krawl, and the villagers are holed up in the nearby ruins. The NPP officers land on a hill close by, then enter the ruins. Radese greets them once inside, and introduces himself as the local chief. When Rallen explains that he came to help, but cannot use his Spectrobes, Radese hands over the Cosmolink. This artifact had been left in the ruins by the previous Spectrobe Master, an old acquaintance of Radese's. Once the Krawl outside are defeated, the villagers return to the village. Radese then advises Rallen and Jeena to visit the cave of the former Spectrobe Master, just outside the village.

Throughout the game Rallen and Jeena return to Radese to seek advice, planet coordinates, or to hand over a Shard.


  • Spectrobes: Origins - "Chief of Wyterra's Haven Village. Level headed and loved by his people. Well-versed in lore pertaining to Spectrobes and the ancients."


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