"That's no ordinary Rice Ball. It restores HP. Make sure you eat it when your HP starts running low. Don't wait till it's too late!"
―NPC in Sanctum Ruins, Spectrobes: Origins

Rice Balls are a type of item found in Spectrobes: Origins, which restore Rallen or Jeena's HP upon use. At the beginning of the game, by speaking to one of the people trapped in the Sanctum Ruins, she gives Rallen and Jeena a Rice Ball. Rice Balls can normally be found like Minerals and Fossil Cubes. Rice Balls can be used by pressing "1" on the Wii Remote, and the type of Rice Ball that is consumed can be selected in the Cosmo Menu.

There are four types of Rice Balls:

  • Normal Rice Balls, which restore 30 HP.
  • Mega Rice Balls, which restore 100 HP.
  • Giga Rice Balls, which restore 300 HP.
  • Neo Rice Balls, which restore all of the character's HP

With each Rice Ball, there are an increasing number of Rice Balls inside the crystal the normal one having one and the Neo Rice Ball having four. Additionally, the Giga Rice Ball appears differently then the others, the crystal being a shade of blue-green instead of a bright blue.

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