Sanctum Ruins

Sanctum Ruins interior.

Sanctum Ruins is an area in Spectrobes: Origins. It is situated on the planet Wyterra, on Inception Hill right outside Haven Village.

When Rallen and Jeena first arrive on Wyterra after responding to a distress signal, they find Inception Hill infested with Krawl, with Komainu running off toward the Sanctum Ruins.

After entering the temple, they find the entirety of Haven Village's population inside; the village elder, Radese, is surprised to see that they have a Spectrobe with them, and are convinced that they are Spectrobe Masters. After explaining that the Prizmod is not working, Radese gives both Rallen and Jeena the Cosmolink; after training and defeating the Krawl, the villagers return to Haven Village.

Within the Sanctum Ruins are murals depicting Spectrobes and humans living in harmony. At the rear of the area is the pedestal where the Cosmolink rests, and the portal leading to the Chamber of Ordeals; the chamber is only used twice throughout the game (first as the tutorial for the game, then as the battle area for the 100 Krawl Challenge).

There is a Save Point in this area, to the right of the entrance (facing inwards).


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