"School of Hard Knocks" is the eighth episode of the Spectrobes video series.


Aldous teaches Rallen about the Card Input Machine, an ancient device used to unlock hidden secrets.


Jeena reports to Commander Grant that Krawl have been appearing on nearly every planet in the Nanairo system, and that she and Rallen are doing her best to eradicate them. Grant tells them to continue to engage with caution, and Jeena states that they will report back.

After engaging the autopilot, Rallen asks Jeena why Aldous is taking so long in analyze the contents of a cube. Jeena states that Aldous is building a machine based on the blueprints he found, and when Rallen attempts to go off to look Jeena stops him, stating that he has to take training with his new equipment seriously. Rallen states that he learns more by acting, though Jeena retorts by saying that he learns more from the "school of hard knocks," reminding him of the beating the Krawl gave him in the last battle. However, they receive a notification from Aldous, and Rallen goes to where he is.

In the Cargo Bay, Aldous explains that the machine he built is the Card Input Machine; by placing the Prizmod on the device, a card appears that Rallen takes. Aldous then explains that, by inputting the code shown on the card, its contents are revealed; Rallen does so with the card he has and receives a strange object, which Aldous decides to hold on to. He then tells Rallen to look at the Komainu in the incubator, remembering that it was another one dug up at an earlier point, and sees it in a cocoon. Aldous tells Rallen to open it, and he does so, causing the Komainu to evolve into Komanoto, which immediately jumps out of the incubator and onto Rallen. Jeena makes the "school of hard knocks" remark again, while Aldous is examining the new object with great intent.



Spectrobes webisodes, Episode 8 School of Hard Knocks02:29

Spectrobes webisodes, Episode 8 School of Hard Knocks

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