Scout is an android and caretaker of the Slayso tower in Spectrobes: Origins. He resides there with another android named Tidy, the two of them being near-identical physically. According to his database entry, he is calmer and more easygoing than Tidy, and also has a strong sense of duty.

Rallen and Jeena first encounter him while he is a Krawl, but are shocked when he flees from battle. When Tidy tells them that his friend Scout had transformed into a Krawl while trying to protect Tidy, Rallen and Jeena realize that the Krawl they battled earlier was most likely Scout. Later, he turns back into his old self after Rallen and Jeena defeat Electrox, which was Scout in an even more mutated Krawl form.

Database bioEdit

"Caretaker robot of the Slayso tower. Physically identical to Tidy, but calmer and more easygoing. Has a strong sense of duty."


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