Search Mode - Zuwa

Engaging in Search Mode with Zuwa.

Search Mode is a minor condition-exclusive control feature in Spectrobes: Origins in which the first player controls the Child form Spectrobe instead of Rallen or Jeena. It is mainly used to clear area puzzles.


To activate Search Mode, the player must use the Nunchuk's C button to lock onto a target found nearby (sometimes a Spectrobe tile), then execute the "Go" command (by swinging the Wiimote forward). When the Child Spectrobe comes in contact with the second tile, the camera will switch focus to it. During this time, the controls are limited to:

  • Nunchuk joystick - Move
  • A button - Interact
  • B button - Dash

This mode cannot be cancelled, meaning the only way to start over is by resetting the game. However, most puzzles are rather simple and clues are given.

The mode is restricted to non-flying Spectrobes (meaning those like Hananomi, Aoi and Shakin are unable to participate).


  • Doldogo - Green Ruins B1: The Child Form has to walk through a narrow path and take a left turn to hit a switch and raise a barricade with the A button.
  • Kogoeria - Ice Ruins B2: The Spectrobe enters a narrow path, takes a right turn and steps on a tile at the end to lower a blockade.
  • Menahat - Desert Ruins 3: The Spectrobe has to reach the other end of the 3 walls with a weight on the other side in the order: Right/second from left (two options), then second from right, then third from left.
  • Slayso - Tower 101F: The Spectrobe must walk along concentric curves suspended in the air to bring the centre elevator to ground level. Arrow patterns on the ground indicate the correct path to take.