Seeds are minerals found in Spectrobes: Beyond the Portals that enhance the stats of a Spectrobe without adding any minergy to it. There are HP, Defence and Attack seeds.


Seeds are fed to Spectrobes by placing them in the incubator from the feeding tray, and enhance the associated stat upon consumption. A Spectrobe can only eat one seed for each level it has, however, a Spectrobe will only be able to eat one seed at the level it is awakened, as random seeds equal to one less than the Spectrobe's awakening level will have been added by the game. All seeds count towards this total, so a level 1 Spectrobe can't eat both a HP seed and a Defence seed, for example.


Seeds can be found directly in the ground on all planets, and mystery stones shaped like a seed pod contain three random seeds. This mystery stone is reasonably common near the tower on Genshi.


  • ATK Seed Icon ATK Seed: This mineral raises a Spectrobe's ATK.
  • DEF Seed Icon DEF Seed: This mineral raises a Spectrobe's DEF.
  • HP Seed Icon HP Seed: This mineral raises a Spectrobe's HP.


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