Bionispect2 048

The Third Shard glowing red

The Shards of a King are the five crystal-like components that make up the fossil of Kaio, the Ultimate Form Spectrobe of the Kaio system.

At one point, the Ultimate Form was placed into the form of a fossil, which was split into the five shards and spread across the galaxy, one shard being placed on each of the five planets: Doldogo, Menahat, Wyterra, Slayso, and Bahmud.

Rallen and Jeena's quest across the Kaio galaxy has them finding the five Shards of a King to resurrect the Ultimate Form and have it fight against the Krawl. After collecting all five parts, they take them to Mt. Awakening on Wyterra and place them within the five glowing sections in the Pool of Awakening, restoring Kaio to its natural form.


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