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シマンイヤ Shimaniya
10.1 ft.
3086 lbs.
Beyond the Portals
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Shimainu Shimanoto Shimadoros

Shimadoros (シマンイヤ Shimaniya) is the Evolved form of Shimainu. In Spectrobes: Beyond the Portals, it possesses the Corona Property, while in Spectrobes: Origins it has the Earth Property. It's name is similar to Komadoros.


Shimadoros appears as a dog-like Spectrobe. Like its previous forms, it also has a large structure covering its entire back. On top of this structure is a pair of horns, with a spike on top between. It also has a pair of cannons on its side, underneath the covering.


  • Spectrobes: Beyond the Portals/Spectrobes: Origins - "This flashy showoff loves attention and finishes off enemies with a heroic charge."

Attacks and AbilitiesEdit

Spectrobes: Beyond the PortalsEdit

  • Normal: Fires twin blasts from its cannons
  • CH Attack: Slamboda - "Barrels into the enemy, sending them flying in all directions"

Spectorbes: OriginsEdit

  • Strong Attack: Dive Bomb - "Shimadoros leaps high in the sky and then spins rapidly while dive-bombing its foes!"
  • Special Attack: Tube Blast - "Shimadoros shoots an energy ball from each of its tubes for a bone-crushing result!"
  • Bonus Ability: Melee Guard+ - "Increases both Shimadoros and your DEF toward direct attacks." (DEF (direct attacks) +50%)


Custom PartsEdit

  • Attack: Shimaoha (Shimadoros Punku) - Replaces the horns on its head with pikes.
  • Defense: Shimahorn (Shimadoros Stampe) - Replaces Horns on its back with larger ones.

Custom ColorsEdit

  • Normal: Red
  • Custom Color 1: Orange
  • Custom Color 3: Yellow

Name EtymologyEdit

Shimadoros' name is a combination of two parts: the "shima" part is the same corruption of "shiba" (柴) brought forward from its Child form, whereas "doros" is a styling of the Japanese onomatopoeia どろどろ (dorodoro), which represents the pealing of drums and thunder. This relation is further strengthened in Origins, where every voice it makes is accompanied with background sounds of the taiko (太鼓, drum) and kane (鐘, chime).


  • Shimadoros' character design is inspired by the Kishiwada Danjiri festival (岸和田だんじり祭), where young men drag around a 4-ton mikoshi shrine through the streets of Kishiwada, Osaka at high speeds. This explains the tomoe designs on its sides and the generally bulky body shape.
  • Shimadoros is the second of three Spectrobes confirmed to be derived from Kansai culture, the other two being Boma-Boma and Komadoros.