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シマイヌ Shimainu
1.6 ft.
33 lbs.
Beyond the Portals
Evolution Line
Child Adult Evolved
Shimainu Button Small
Shimanoto Button Small Shimadoros Button Small
Shimainu Shimanoto Shimadoros

Shimainu (シマイヌ Shimainu) is a Spectrobe that appears in Spectrobes: Beyond the Portals and Spectrobes: Origins. It has the Corona property in Spectrobes: Beyond the Portals and the Earth property in Spectrobes: Origins. Its name is similar to Komainu's. Shimainu evolves into Shimanoto and later Shimadoros, and can be awakened from a Shimapod.


Shimainu appears to be a small dog with a pushed-in face and two long tails. It has a wooden barrel-like shell that covers all but its face and behind. The red tomoe pattern appears once over its head, and one on each of its sides.


  • Spectrobes: Beyond the Portals/Spectrobes: Origins - "This two-tailed fellow always wants to beat Komainu, but Komainu couldn't care less."

Fossil LocationsEdit

  • Spectrobes: Beyond the Portals - Kollin
  • Spectrobes: Origins - Slayso

Custom ColorsEdit

  • Normal: Red
  • Custom Color 1: Orange
  • Custom Color 2: Yellow


  • Spectrobes: Beyond the Portals - 5 minerals
  • Spectrobes: Origins - Level 5

Name EtymologyEdit

Language Name / Etymology
Icon-English English Shimainu
Derived partly from 付締め太鼓 (tsukushime-daiko, taut drum) due to the Spectrobe's high-pitched voice, and 犬 (inu, dog).
Icon-Japanese Japanese シマイヌ Shimainu
Same as English


  • While Origins establishes the origin of the name via this Spectrobe's high-pitched barks, Shimainu may have also been a pun on 柴犬 (Shiba Inu), a breed of dog with a similarly high-pitched voice.
  • The only Japanese interjection Shimainu can say in Origins apart from barking and other sounds is "いいよ!", which translates to "yes" in agreement to an order.


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