Skessa is the 2nd boss of Spectrobes. It appears on Ziba's moon with its helpers, Skiva and Shanka. Skessa's property is unknown, but is presumably Flash. Most attacks can damage it, but it's best to rely on combination attacks, as it's quick movement can make it hard to hit.

Attacks Edit

Skessa has two main methods of attack, and will stop circling the field when it is about to perform one. It's first attack is to dash straight across the field, along with Skiva and Shanka. It's second attack is performed alone. It stands on its head and begins to spin, which is a nightmare if you are in the middle of the field. It is wise to head to the edges when you hear the sound of Skessa's attack. Also, be careful, if you come in contact with the drill-shaped head of any of the Krawl in battle, you will take damage.