Slow is a type of status effect that slow the movement of any character, Spectrobe or Krawl afflicted. It only appears in Spectrobes: Origins. An afflicted character will have a blue-black cloud around it, and all movement speed (running, attacking, shielding) will be cut by half.

Slow GuardEdit

In the game, only 3 Spectrobes have the Earth Boost ability; a Bonus Ability that, on top of reducing damage from Earth-based attacks, also protects both the Spectrobe and the player from being slowed by a certain percentage when activated. They are:

Spectrobe Mayarex Mayazerra Scarazook
Image Mayarex 3D Mayazerra 3D Scarazook 3D
Bonus Ability Earth Boost Earth Boost+ Earth Boost++
Slow Guard 30% 60% 100%
Earth Damage Reduction -10% -15% -20%

Capable of SlowingEdit


Legendary Weapons

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