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Spectrobes (化石 モンスター スペクトロブスKaseki Monsutā Supekutorobusu - Fossil Monster Spectrobes) are creatures of light that populate the universe.

The Spectrobes originated in the Nanairo galaxy[1], and spread across many star systems. However, as time passed, the Spectrobes became "extinct," existing only as fossils located within the ground. As the creatures of light, they are the only force that can counter the Krawl, the creatures of darkness. They come in many different Properties, Forms, and sizes, and can be controlled by a single Spectrobe Master. Each creature can also be customized with various colors and parts to create many different combinations.


There are five different Forms of Spectrobes, Fossil, Child, Adult, Evolved, and Ultimate. Fossilized Spectrobes can be found using the help of a Child Spectrobe. Fossils can be excavated and then awakened in a Spectrobe Lab. An awakened fossil will become a Child form.

Child Spectrobes can evolve into an Adult form, and even after that an Evolved form. This process needs to take place on both the battlefield, and in an Incubator. A Spectrobe must meet certain requirements to evolve. All Spectrobes must spend some time in an Incubator to evolve. They need to reach certain requirements before they can go on to the next stage.

Adult and Evolved Spectrobes can no longer search for Minerals. Instead, they have the ability to aid Rallen/Jeena in battle. Adult Spectrobes make up most of a Spectrobe Master's team, and are very useful in a fight. But, Evolved are extremely powerful, and usually have more options or attacks in a fight. They still evolve the same way a Child Form Spectrobe would.

The last Form, Ultimate, cannot be obtained from evolution. They must be recovered from a Geo, which can be found in multiple ways. Ultimate Spectrobes do not follow the Spectrobe Master around, but are summoned when needed. When the CH Gauge is filled to a certain point, they can be summoned to deliver massive damage on the battlefield.


Each Spectrobe has a Property, a type of elemental affiliation. Each one would govern a certain color or stat a Spectrobe would have, and can decide which Spectrobe is stronger than the other and what advantage they would have against different types of Krawl, who also have Properties of their own.


Usually two Spectrobes can fight in a battle at a time, either with or without their master. Only Adult and Evolved Spectrobes are capable of battle. When enough energy is charged in the CH Gauge, one of the Spectrobes can use their CH Attack, a powerful special attack specific to each Spectrobe, or both Spectrobes combine their Properties to use a Combination Attack. In Spectrobes: Origins, only one Spectrobe can fight alongside Rallen, but can be switched out with any other member of the team with ease.


  1. "I finally did it. I actually found the origin star system of the Spectrobes." - Aldous, Spectrobes

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