Spectrobes: First Contact
Dbg spectrobes 001
Ned Lerr
Disney Press
...Aldous ignored Jeena and went on. "There are also three different types of Spectrobes: Corona, Flash, and Aurora. Each type has its own strengths and weaknesses."
"As compared to Jeena, who doesn't seem to have any weaknesses," Rallen interjected.
Aldous sighed. "Are you two quite finished?"
―pg 58

Spectrobes: First Contact is the first non-guide junior novel written based on the Spectrobes franchise, written by Ned Lerr. The book was first published in June 2009 by Disney Press. The elements of the plot are mostly taken from the first game in the series, and thus coincide up to episode 7 of the webisodes.


Rallen and Jeena, two officers of the Nanairo Planetary Patrol are ordered by Commander Grant to patrol the planet Daichi after strange readings are detected near Tabletop Mountain. Spotting a couple of whirling dark vortexes en route to the planet, they decide to scout the area. Upon reaching the area, Rallen discovers a white-green prism and instinctively fits it into the console on his left forearm. Soon after, they find an undamaged cockpit of a spacecraft which crash-landed nearby, and are surprised to find a man in suspended animation.

Suddenly, Rallen is entrapped in one of the vortexes, containing some Krawl of the Swar variety. Rallen tries firing at them, but none of his blaster shots damage them. Unexpectedly, the prism he found earlier vibrates and releases two lights that materialise into the Spectrobes Spikan and Zozane. They finish off the Krawl and the vortex disappears as the two creatures of light return to the device.

Taking the unidentified man back to the ship, he awakens and identifies himself as Aldous. Installing the Lab System on the ship, he releases Danawa from the Prizmod as he tells of his origins, the dangers of the Krawl and how to excavate and awaken a Spectrobe (Komainu being Rallen's first fossil).

The duo report their findings back to Grant, and are given clearance to Special Forces equipment, including the Palaceo blaster. Shortly after, a Krawl vortex appears directly in the board room they both were in, but although it attacks Rallen and Jeena, it disappears after being locked into a stare by the commander.

Rallen and Jeena take off to Daichi once again under order and Aldous speculates that the Krawl want to wipe out the new Spectrobe Master, Rallen, while he is still inexperienced by luring him into Perfuz, Daichi's largest city. With the help of Jeena's piloting, Rallen is thrust into the vortexes already attacking the town. Waves after waves of Krawl soon prove too much for him and his two Spectrobes, but in dire moments Rallen decides to use the cubelike Evolve Mineral on his Adult Spectrobes and successfully evolves them into Spikanor and Zozanero. In this way, most of the Krawl are defeated and the attack ends in retreat. Rallen passes out in the arms of his partner.

Hours later, the two bring Aldous to Commander Grant, where they meet for the first time. The commander gives orders to investigate the lava planet Genshi soon after, and the officers comply whole-heartedly.


  • Because the book was published after Spectrobes: Origins, the cover logo uses the Origins-style logo instead of that from the first game. Also, the use of an Evolve Mineral, though not quite like the one in the Kaio galaxy, may have come from Origins influence.




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