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Spectrobes: Origins
Spectrobes Origins box
Developer(s) Genki
Publisher(s) Disney Interactive Studios
Platform(s) Wii
Release Dates NA: August 18, 2009
EU: September 18, 2009
AUS: October 4, 2009
JP: June 17, 2010
Ratings ESRB: E10+
Media Wii optical disc

Spectrobes: Origins (化石超進化 スペクトロブス:オリジンズ Kaseki Chōshinka Supekutorobusu: Orijinzu, Fossil Super-Evolution Spectrobes: Origins) is the third game in Disney's action role-playing game series Spectrobes. The game was developed by Genki, published by Disney Interactive Studios, and released on Nintendo's Wii console. However, it is different from its predecessors in terms of gameplay and overall geist, owing largely to Jupiter developing the first two games, instead of Genki. This also owes to the game being released on the Wii console rather than the Nintendo DS handheld.

Plot Edit

Some time after the events of Spectrobes: Beyond the Portals, the Krawl, under the leadership of  Krux, managed to regroup and began destroying entire planets at will. Somehow sensing that the Krawl are able to exploit portals throughout the Nanairo galaxy, Commander Grant issues a maximum force order to guard its portal gates.

Rallen and Jeena are ordered to investigate the portal gate at Sector W after reports of a magnetic anomaly come to their attention. Upon arrival, the duo are sucked into the portal after losing control of their ship. They soon find themselves in an unknown galaxy and, after following a distress signal to the planet Wyterra, discover that the Krawl are threatening the many lifeforms in said galaxy.

A planet consisting of a great mass of Krawl presents itself within the galaxy, bringing further danger to the safety of the people in general. A quick meeting with Radese, the village headman of Haven village reveals that the destruction of the Krawlosphere is impossible unless the Ultimate Form Spectrobe, Kaio is invoked. This process requires collecting 5 Shards of Kaio's fossil and presenting them at Mt. Awakening.

Rallen and Jeena eventually do so and defeat Krux with the help of the Spectrobes in the Krawlosphere. Kaio plays an important role in the plot, freezing the Krawlocore and destroying the entire planet. All is well and the two return to the Nanairo galaxy with Commander Grant in town


Gameplay has significantly changed from the previous two titles in terms of controls, but the game has three separate profiles: Non-linear exploration, encounter battles and excavation.

During most parts of the game, players can choose to control Rallen or Jeena when exploring certain areas, with the camera in a third-person perspective. Players can communicate with non-playable characters, use their Child Spectrobes to search for minerals or simply walk around. A total of 7 planets are available for exploration, each having a theme element (for example, Doldogo is a direct stand-in for the Plant element)

Encounter battles become the main element that differs from the past two games. Whenever a battle is initiated (either by ambush or collecting a black-coloured mineral), the screen darkens and the active Spectrobe Master summons the first Spectrobe assigned at Line Up. In other words, the role of the vortexes in the previous installments has been removed. Players control either Rallen or Jeena with the buttons on the Wii Remote and Nunchuck and give commands to the Spectrobes using vertical or horizontal swings.

Finally, excavation is done at the lab in the Patrol Cruiser, however players now manipulate fossils differently; tools are selected and utilised with the Wii Remote which doubles as a cursor, whereas the Nunchuk attachment changes the angle of the fossil. 6 tools are available: Scanner, Laser, Drills, Bombs, Hammer and Blower, each having a different key task. Once successfully excavated, Spectrobes in fossil form are awakened using Wii Remote and Nunchuk shakes in sequential order, instead of using voice like in the previous games.


Spectrobes Origins Exploration Phase

Jeena and Tobasu

A major update to the Spectrobes creature system is the reassignment of elements. Instead of the Corona, Aurora and Flash categories, this game is the first to categorise Spectrobes into 5 elemental types, mainly Plant, Sky, Earth, Water and Fire. The process of Spectrobe evolution has been greatly simplified; instead of having triple criteriae for evolution (levels, minerals and battles), Spectrobes need only achieve a hard-set level and be fed with an Evolve Mineral, LVL 5 for Child Spectrobes and LVL 30 for Adult Spectro bes. In addition, the Kyptos item is added as a element-specific training device for use in the Incubator.


Battle controls Exploration controls
Spectrobes Origins Battle Phase Controls Spectrobes Origins Exploration Phase Controls 2


For a comprehensive list of characters in Spectrobes: Origins, please see the Wikipedia page regarding this topic.

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  • This is the first Spectrobes game that has Co-Op Multiplayer.

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