Spectrobes: Origins provided an approach to minerals similar to the system in Spectrobes: Beyond the Portals. Focus is set on feeding Spectrobes minerals to boost EXP, intending to cause them to level up with improved stats. However, this is the first game where Child Spectrobes gain EXP for finding minerals and other items. The amount of EXP received for uncovering a mineral is proportional to the EXP content of the mineral.

EXP MineralsEdit

8 EXP Minerals are available in the game: Blue, Green, 


Yellow, Orange, Pink, Red, and Purple. Blue to Orange look similar, while Pink to Purple are another shape. In order, the minerals give 16, 32, 64, 128, 256, 512, and 1024 EXP.

Stat MineralsEdit

Stat Minerals boost one of three stats. Attack Mineral looks like a fiery red sword and gives 10 ATK. Guard Mineral looks like a blue shield and grants 10 DEF. Super Mineral looks like a purple crown and grants 10+ to all stats(including HP). .Life Mineral looks like a green heart and boosts a Spectrobes' max HP by 10.

Mineral List
Name (Mineral) Eaten (EXP)

Collected - Child (EXP)

Other Actions
Blue 16 1 -
Green 32 2 -
Yellow 64 4 -
Orange 128 8 -
Pink 256 16 -
Red 512 32 -
Purple 1024 64 -
Attack - - ATK +10
Guard - - DEF +10
Life - - HP +10
Super - - ATK +10, DEF +10, HP +10
Evolve - 64 Initiates evolution in Incubator
Dark (unlisted) - 10 Initiates Krawl battle sequence

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