Spectrobes: Rise of the Ancient
Ned Lerr
Disney Press
"All right, Spikanor," [Rallen] said. "You show Danapix the ropes—the Krawl may have evolved somehow, but hopefully so have we, right?"
―Page 68.

Spectrobes: Rise of the Ancient is the second novel in the series written by Ned Lerr based on the Spectrobes franchise. It was published in June 2009 by Disney Press. The plot of this book follows directly after the events of the first novel, and introduces Jado and the Ancient Starship.


Rallen and Jeena arrive at Genshi under the orders of Commander Grant. They make battle with molten Krawl that exhibit the ability to absorb lava, and defeat them. Afterwards, they unearth and awaken Aoi (which Jeena preseumes to be female[1]).

Jeena then decides to analyse a sample of Krawl remains in a section of the Patrol Cruiser, while Rallen leaves Zozanero out of the Prizmod and takes a nap. Although it doesn't respond, she performs one last experiment by attaching a small electrode to the remains. Suddenly, the Krawl sample replicates and grows tenfold. Throwing a scalpel at the mass of tentacles causes it to absorb the object and generate a large blade. Jeena is horrified that she is as helpless as any commoner when she is unable to use Zozanero to defend herself. However, in the nick of time Rallen wakes up and destroys the Krawl with the Palaceo blaster.

Reporting back to the commander, the duo are ordered to visit Professor Kate at the natural-science museum on Kollin, but upon arrival they encounter the museum's curator, Dr. Webster who does not take a liking for Rallen's general lack of interest. When they finally observe Professor Kate at a lecture hall, Jeena is mesmerised by her descriptions of an ancient spacecraft created by "The Ancients", but is taken aback when her audience ridicules her. They meet the professor in person soon after the lecture, who is astonished that there are people who believe her. They introduce her to the Spectrobes, and she develops an affinity with Zozanero who "was clearly smitten with the scientist[2]".

Professor Kate follows them to the excavation site of the starship on Nessa, where they enter a large pyramid. They stumble upon Sekou and 20 other villagers who have taken refuge in the building after being attacked by the Krawl. He explains that legends etched onto murals on the starship walls tell of a war between the Spectrobes and the Krawl long ago, and the latter were eradicated from the system, the cost being all the Spectrobes fossilised and scattered among the galaxies, in the hopes that wiping them out wouldn't be as easy that way. It also foretold that a new master would be born when the Krawl returned, immediately drawing attention to Rallen being the prophesised one. Rallen suspects Commander Grant may know of this, which may explain why his suit has a crevasse specifically designed for the Prizmod.

Jeena gets clearance to bring the refugees back to NPP headquarters. They resume their investigation on the pyramid structure, and come in posession of two keystones, one red and one green. The starship still requires one more, so Rallen sets off to find Cyrus who has the blue one. Cyrus requests for Rallen to bring him a Diamond in exchange for the keystone. Rallen reluctantly succeeds in excavating one on Genshi. Suddenly, he is confronted by a dark figure wearing a cape who attacks him. He flees the planet, returning to Cyrus and making a successful exchange with him, but he accuses Cyrus of sending someone to kill him, of which Cyrus calmly denies.

Using the keystones, Rallen activates the Ancient Starship. Jeena calls to NPP HQ for clearance to land "Ancient One" back at home base, requiring 3 landing bays in the process. After a quick de-briefing, the duo are once again set out, this time to the planet Ziba as a number of Krawl have been spotted there. Rallen spots and confronts the Krawl there, successfully defeating most of them with a team of Spikanor, Zozanero and Danapix in simultaneous battle, only to come face-to-face with a giant Krawl. At this point Zozanero is retired into the Prizmod due to injuries and Spikanor is heavily wounded. Rallen is at a loss, until the Aoi residing in the Prizmod evolves (by voice) into an Aoba, and it and Danapix use a combo attack to defeat all the remaining Krawl in one shot. Jeena brings Rallen "home" after the ordeal, saying that tomorrow will bring even more Krawl.

Meanwhile, the dark figure, now known as Jado, reports back to a cloak-wearing figure identified as Master Krux. Krux is displeased by Jado's failure in wiping out Rallen earlier, but hands him a Spectrobe fossil, telling him to expose it to the Krawl source. Before leaving, Jado promises that the Spectrobes and their human master will be destroyed.


  • Quite a number of Origins-based influence is found in the storyline of this book, for example:
    • In the battle on Ziba, the massive Krawl is described as having "multiple heads, two tails, razor-sharp teeth and dark purple spikes running down its back". On the opposite page of this description lies an artwork of Gigardos, one of the boss Krawl from Spectrobes: Origins.
    • Aldous gives Rallen a cube which, when inserted into the Prizmod, generates a shield which can be held with one hand, like a miniature force field. This may have been a reference for the Cosmo Shield.
  • The combo attack by Danapix and Aoba is described as an "electric pulse" which creates blinding light when two Spectrobes collide into one another. This is also shown in episode 10 of the webisodes, and is called a combination attack (although it is closer to the first game's version than Beyond the Portals).





  1. Page 16:
    "Wow," Jeena said. "She's pretty."
    "She?" Rallen asked.
    Jeena shrugged. "Who's to say it's not a little gal?"
    "I... I don't know," he admitted. "Add that to the list of things to ask Aldous when there's time."
  2. Continuing the excerpt from pg 43: He'd had his head in her lap from virtually the moment she boarded the ship. He was heavy—very heavy—but Professor Kate didn't object at all...

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