"The Ancient Ship" is the ninth episode in the Spectrobes web series.


Rallen and Jeena raise an ancient starship that will allow them to reach the outer planets and find the Krawl lair.


In an ancient temple-like structure out in a desert, Rallen is avoiding the Krawl as he progresses through it, as well as fighting them with his newly-acquired Komanoto. After defeating the Krawl, Rallen walks up to an area and is about to put in the red Keystone, remembering Professor Kate telling him that the Keystones are technologies created many eons ago; as he puts it in he also remembers Kate telling him that she admires his initiative, which he swoons at her for. He then remembers Webster telling him that his entire idea of traveling to the outer planets is nonsense as he inserts the green Keystone, stating that "we won't know if it's nonsense until we try," as he places the blue Keystone into place. As soon as Rallen reports that he is finished to Jeena, she informs him that she has finished connecting the pyramid to their ship.

Back in the ship, Jeena states that she has programmed the Ancient Starship to fly just like theirs, but that the power required to get airborne will give them a massive jolt. Rallen states that he has it under control, and as soon as he starts takeoff the Ancient Starship emerges from the ground and flies into space.

In the Cargo Bay, Jeena asks Aldous what exactly the Geo is. Aldous informs her that the Geo contains a being powerful enough to "destroy entire planets and stars," stating that it is referred to as "the Ultimate Form," as well as that he hopes that their mission can be completed without it.


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