"The Dark Spectrobe" is the twelfth episode of the Spectrobes web series.


When the Krawl threaten a research facility on Gunship, Rallen takes matters into his own hands and runs into an unexpected threat.


The episode begins on Genshi, with Professor Wright having dug up two objects.

At the Nanairo Planetary Patrol headquarters, Jeena rushes into Commander Grants, office, where Grant tells Jeena that a fossil research facility on Genshi is under attack by Krawl. Meanwhile, Rallen takes off on his ship for Genshi to respond to the emergency.

On Genshi, Maja is admiring a Ruby Mineral when Rallen's ship shows up. Rallen slides down a cliff and starts to investigate when he is suddenly attacked by Maja, being grabbed by her hair, though he frees himself and releases his Spectrobes, Rydrake and Leozar to fight her. However, Maja calls in her Dark Spectrobe, Pinska, to fight Rallen's Spectrobes, giving it the Ruby Mineral; as soon as it shows up, it evolves into Pinorska. Rallen has his Spectrobes attack Pinorska, but the Dark Spectrobe proves to be too powerful and defeats them; Maja then attempts to attack Rallen, but he is knocked away by Komainu. Jeena then calls him to retreat; Rallen does so, leaping off a cliffside just as Pinorska attempts to attack him.



  • The YouTube description of the episode misspells the name of the planet of Genshi as "Gunship"

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