"The Distress Signal" is the first episode of the Spectrobes web series.


Planetary Patrol Officers Rallen and Jeena respond to a distress signal coming from a planet on the outskirts of the Nanairo system.


At the beginning of the episode, an object is shown hurtling through space before crashing down onto a barren planet, leaving a massive impact crater. The object is later shown to be a Komainu, who yawns and falls asleep as the earth covers it.

The scene then shifts to Rallen and Jeena, who are flying through an asteroid belt on their ship. Jeena states that they are on a patrol mission and not racing, though Rallen retorts by stating that, "A pilot's gotta keep his skills sharp!" Rallen then states that Jeena is his new partner, and that she has "won the lottery," leaving her unimpressed. However, Rallen then notes that they have picked up a distress beacon; Jeena states that it is coming from the nearby planet's surface, and Rallen is eager to get going, though Jeena reminds him that they cannot take out without proper authorization. After reporting to Commander Grant, he gives them permission to investigate, and tries to tell them to be careful of something before the transmission is cut. Jeena states that she is receiving interference, and the two then notice a massive portal, which is releasing several vortexes. Rallen then flies the ship down toward Daichi, being followed by the vortexes, one of which flies over and into the camera.


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