Episode 10 Snapshot

"The Last Stand" is the tenth episode of the Spectrobes web series, and is the final episode relating to the original Spectrobes story arc.


On the planet of Meido, Rallen is inside the Krawl lair, and begins the assault on the Krawl, releasing his recently-evolved Spikanor and Zozanero, and together they defeat all of the Krawl, though the leader appears right afterward. Rallen has Zozanero and Spikanor attack it, but to no avail. He then tries to shoot a stalactite down onto it, then commands the Spectrobes to attack, though the leader fires a beam that immediately defeats them.

Back on the ship, Aldous notices a great spike in power, Jeena stating the space is bending. Aldous informs Rallen to back off, stating that the Krawl are attempting to open a vortex that will allow numerous more floods of Krawl into Nanairo. However, Rallen states that if he doesn't defeat the Krawl, it will defeat him; the Geo then starts glowing. Aldous states that he must use the Ultimate Form, but to wait for Jeena's coordinates. As soon as they arrive, Rallen unleashes the Geo's power. The Ultimate Form, Tindera, launches a fireball at the Krawl that not only strikes it but also removes the Krawl presences from Meido and destroys the portal. Jeena informs him that the portal has been closed, but Rallen states that the Krawl has not been defeated yet; sending out Komanoto, Rallen charges into battle with the Krawl.

Meanwhile, a masked man sends out four shadowy figures.


Rallen must wield the power of the Ultimate Form Spectrobe to defeat the boss Krawl.


  • A majority of the Krawl in the first battle of the webisode were defeated by the Spectrobes performing a combo electric attack, which may be hinting at the combo move in the game.


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