"The Ruby Mineral" is the eleventh episode of the Spectrobes video series, and is the first episode dealing with the Spectrobes: Beyond the Portals storyline.


Rallen and Jeena hone their piloting skills. Meanwhile, the evil Krux makes plans for a Dark Spectrobe army.


At the Nanairo Planetary Patrol headquarters on Kollin, Rallen and Jeena are honing their piloting skills by flying after Krawl in a simulation. As they chase one Krawl, Jeena notes that two more are on their tail. Jeena suggests evasive maneuvers, though Rallen slows the ship down, allowing him to blast two of the Krawl. However, as soon as Rallen attempts to chase after the third one, Jeena states that their engines are blown, and the simulation is shut down, Commander Grant stating that Rallen trusts his instincts too much. Outside of the "ship," Jeena blames Rallen for their failure, stating that he only did the maneuver because he "thought it'd be cool," and as a result blew the engines. Rallen argues that he got two hits, but Jeena replies that against the third enemy they would be defenseless. Rallen tells her to blame the system engineers instead, at which point she finally leaves angrily.

On Malik, Krux summons Maja to him, asking if he was wrong in trusting the "Dark Spectrobes" to her. Maja states that she has successfully evolved them into their Adult states, but that evolving them further has been tricky. Krux gives her a Ruby mineral, which he claims will accelerate the growth of the Dark Spectrobes, commanding her to build an army of the creatures.



Spectrobes Webisodes - Episode 11 The Ruby Mineral

Spectrobes Webisodes - Episode 11 The Ruby Mineral