"The Sleeping Man" is the second episode in the Spectrobes webisode series.


After responding to a mysterious distress signal, Rallen and Jeena discover a crashed landing site. While investigating, they find more than just a destroyed space ship.


Flying down toward the surface of Daichi, Rallen states that they have lost the vortexes, though Jeena is curious as to what it was that was chasing them. They then take sight of a crash site; Rallen states that there isn't a high chance anyone survived, though Jeena states that somebody sent a distress signal, although Rallen remarks that something may have sent it as well.

Investigating the crash site, Jeena notes that there are no markings or galactic codes on the ship, Rallen stating that "If it wasn't here, it'd be in a museum." However, while he is investigating, Rallen comes across something and finds that it fits on his glove as Jeena discovers something and finds a pod; moving a piece of the wreckage, she finds that it is a survivor, placed in stasis. As Jeena notifies Rallen of her discovery one of the vortexes descends on Rallen, enveloping him. Jeena then discovers that the cryogenic pod has been compromised; not only is the man in the pod sleeping, but he is also dying. As she tells Rallen to hurry up she sees that he has been trapped in one of the vortexes. Inside the vortex some strange creatures appears before Rallen; however, the object he found also activates, releasing two other creatures at his side. Rallen, believing his odds to have been increased, charges into battle.



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