Thunder Crag Panorama

Thunder Crag is an area linking the Tree of Life and the Glow Moss Cave in Spectrobes: Origins. It is situated on the planet Doldogo.


Thunder Crag Map

This area is curved like a sickle, with two side paths. The exit to Glow Moss Cave is in the centre, and can only be accessed by knocking out stone slabs to form a bridge (done by locking on to the bridge with the C button while a flying child Spectrobe is active, then giving the 'Go' command). The left path leads to a mineral deposit that will always have a Hanapod (with Orange Minerals for the first visit), whereas the right path holds a Stone Marker for the Flora Blaster.

There are no Save Points in this area.

Spectrobes ObtainableEdit

  • Hananomi - left path, in the sand underneath stone bridge
  • Sabo - main path at centre of area, curve with brown land adjacent to the stone marker

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