Tower 201F

Tower 201F is one of the floors found on the tower on Slayso, in Spectrobes: Origins, connecting Tower 200F and Tower 202F. It is a puzzle level and does not spawn any enemies.


201F Tiles

Sequence of lights

The room has 4 windows and 2 elevators, one on either side. The floor consists of 49 panels which light up in sequence, with a total of 7 arrangements. If a glowing tile is stepped on, it sinks downward and the player is returned to Tower 200F. There will not be any Krawl ambush attacks when entering the area in this way (as it has already been encountered earlier.

There are no Save Points in the area.


When entering the room for the first time, Jeena mentions that the lights are "connected to the tower's energy", but its significance is not known.

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