Tree of Life Panorama

The Tree of Life.

The Tree of Life is an area on the planet Doldogo in Spectrobes: Origins. Inside of the tree is an ancient temple called the Green Ruins, which hides the second fossil piece.

According to Salia, the Tree of Life has been sustaining Doldogo's inhabitants in Verdant Village for ages, purifying the water in the river for them to drink. However, when the Krawl showed up, they tainted the water upstream, resulting in the tree and all of the rest of the water to become poisoned. By defeating the three Krawl that are poisoning the water at Serenity Woods, Triple Falls, and High Meadow, the water clears up, and the tree is restored to normal. Rallen and Jeena then enter the tree to find the second Shard of the Ultimate Form's fossil.


Tree of Life Map

This area is spherical in shape, with a massive tree at its centre. It links to three outer areas (Serenity Woods, Triple Falls, and Thunder Crag) as well as the Green Ruins, the gateway of which opens at the base of the tree trunk after Rallen and Jeena defeat all three Decaton that have been poisoning the rivers of Verdant Village. There is also a Save Point in this area.

Along the sides of the area near the Save Point, there is a Light Bridge that leads to a Stone Marker containing the Torga Lance. It can be accessed while the player is riding Pegatinum.

Areas within the Tree include Green Ruins B1 and the Sealed Chamber.


Spectrobes Origins - Wii Hacked Walkthrough Part 7 The Tree Of Life13:10

Spectrobes Origins - Wii Hacked Walkthrough Part 7 The Tree Of Life

A walkthrough taken place at the Tree of Life

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