Trunkos is the 3rd boss of Spectrobes. He appears in Tabletop Mountains, and has no helpers. His property is Corona , how else can he survive in that climate? He attacks by spinning around the arena and whipping about with his tentacles.  He can also leave lava puddles in the ground by smashing the ground with his tentacles.

Trunkos from Spectrobes


The best way to defeat him is to use ranged Spectrobes like Vilanox and/or Dongiga, as well as Spectrobes with powerful short-ranged attacks, such as Bartolosa, as Trunkos pauses for long periods of time after his spin attack. Corona Spectrobes can also be of help due to the fact that they will be able to withstand the aurora of Tabletop Mountain. Aurora and Flash Spectrobes can also be of help if they are healed before encountering Trunkos.