Ultimate Form Spectrobes are extremely powerful Spectrobes, contained within Geos.

In Battle Edit

Ultimate Form Spectrobes usually destroy all Krawl present in battle in the first game, and end the battle sequence entirely in the second, returning Rallen to the world map without gaining any experience. Some Geos are better than others. You can only equip one Geo at a time. Geos can only be used once per battle.

To summon an Ultimate Spectrobe in the first game, charge up at least three bars in battle and press X. To summon one in the second game, the CH Gauge must be charged so as to use a Combination Attack, then press Y.

In the second game, the Ultimate Forms, when summoned, will destroy all Krawl in battle and even the Krawl Vortex, no matter how many battles you completed in it. However, your Spectrobes will not gain experience from the last battle the Ultimate Form was used in.

In the third game, you cannot summon the only available Ultimate Form - Kaio - in battle.

Obtaining Edit

Before the first game is completed you can only get the Flare Geo containing Tindera. In the game it will tell you how to get it. After beating the game, you can get the other six Geos by reaching the highest score on the great black holes on each of the planets excluding Genshi.

In Spectrobes: Beyond the Portals, you will receive Tindera, but he will not work until near the end of the game. You activate Tindera when fighting an unbeatable Krawl, that is only beatable by using the Geo, which will activate.

After the final battle on Malik, you can return to the planet, to Krux's chamber, and enter a Krawlosphere, where you can fight numerous Krawl in six levels. After beating a level, you will receive a Geo as a prize.

In Spectrobes: Origins, none of the original seven Geos are present. The only Ultimate Form Spectrobe available is Kaio, who can only be obtained via collecting the five Shards of the King depicting him. These shards are scattered across the Kaio system. Once they are placed in the five shafts of light on the pool on top of Mt. Awakening, Kaio is brought back from his state of dormancy. Kaio is then used by Rallen to destroy Krux's army of Krawl and his former subordinate Jado. Once he accomplishes this, he disappears into the form of a Geo. He is used by Rallen again to destroy the Krawlosphere from within by freezing its core.

List of Ultimate Form Spectrobes Edit

  • Tindera - of the flame, Tindera is often called the king of flames. His body is formed of the fires of Genshi. Legend has it that the two swords he wields can annihilate anything they touch.
  • Zorna - of the cyclone, Zorna is the tornado mikado and he wields the power of ruthless winds. He has exceptional intelligence and a mere flick of his jeweled fan can produce a deadly gust of wind.
  • Fulvina - of the thunder, Fulvina evolved from lightning and his lance can manipulate thunder. His roar sends fear up the spine of any enemy and his lance can lay waste to entire battle scenes.
  • Larrup - of the hammer, Larrup is the czar of destruction. The hammer he wields pulverizes anything it descends upon. There is no foe that can withstand his catastrophic might and force.
  • Voltorn - of the plasma, Voltorn is the master of magnetism. He's a massive creature with untold powers. He can emit a single wave of magnetic energy in all directions that razes anything in its path.
  • Artezza - of the ice, Artezza is arctic cold incarnate. He could freeze entire oceans if he so desired. He has frigid ice crystals on his body that can turn foes into feeble ice statues.
  • Shulla - of the wing, Shulla is shrouded in a noxious fog of ferocity. His toxic spell can send enemies to eternal sleep and his sword-sharp wings can repel even the most condtioned enemies.
  • Kaio

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