Valley of Mist Panorama

The Valley of Mist.

The Valley of Mist is located on the planet Wyterra, in the Kaio system. Like the name states, this area is a valley surrounded by rock features. The Valley of Mist is found outside of Haven Village, over Dawn Bridge and across the Sunny Grassland . On the right side of this area is a deep rut carved by Grant's ship while he was a Nanairo Planetary Patrol cadet. There is a cave here that belonged to the former Spectrobe Master of Wyterra, Krux.


The first time you enter this area, there is a giant Krawl that you have to battle, named Galgore . Its face is the weak point; when you hit it more damage is dealt. To get it to fall over, attack his feet.

Points of InterestEdit

In the rock wall on the left side of this area is a Water Property Barrier, behind which is a small cave containing the Zeni Lance.

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