ウイーテラ Wytera
4k Wyterra

Wyterra is the fifth planet of the Kaio system, and is the system's capital planet. Like Kollin in the Nanairo system, it is an earth-like planet, habitable by humans and other creatures like Spectrobes; as such, it has no dominate property. This planet is stated to house Giga City, the largest city in the Kaio system and the capital city.

Role in GameplayEdit

When Rallen first arrives in the Kaio system, he finds Haven Village. The Village Chief Radese lives in a big house on a hill overlooking the town square. The blacksmith Kotetsu and his apprentice Gumark work the blast furnaces downtown. They are renowned across the system for their skill in metalworking. The local eatery is called The Stuffed Belly. The woman who owns this restaurant sells useful items. She also imports fresh fruit from Doldogo, and she has a daughter which she refers to as "the most beautiful girl in the village." There is also a Gatekeeper, a Watcher on the wall of the gate, and a photon drive which looks like a radar dish on top of a little house (this provides all of the power for the village).

Next to the village is the Excavation Site, an open zone, where fossils and minerals are buried in the ground. On the other side is the Valley of Mist, where the cave of the former Spectrobe Master, Krux, is located. It seems that most of the people in the system don't know the town. It was on Wyterra where Krux, the former Spectrobe Master of the Kaio system became the leader of the Krawl, by experimenting with the Krawl's dark essence and absorbing it into himself. It was also one of the central planets in the Giant Krawl War. Here on Wyterra Commander Grant once crashed down in his Patrol Cruiser, and was subsequently saved by Krux and Kamtoga.

Database Entry Edit

Capital of the Kaio System. Most of its people live in Giga City, while the rest of the planet is covered in pristine wilderness. Small villages can still be found amid the forests.

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