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Kaio Listing #81
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ライウーン Raiun
Origins yagizora clean
9.8 ft.
595 lbs.
Beyond the Portals
Evolution Line
Child Adult Evolved

Yagizora (ライウーン Raiun) is an Evolved form Spectrobe of the Sky Property. It evolves from the Adult Bazora and the Child Zora.


Yagizora resembles a deer, with a set of hoof-like feet that are split in the middle near the bottom. On its neck is a cloud-like torso piece with two rainbow spikes curving inward. Its ears feature an earring on each ear, and its horns extend outward, then curve inward, ending with axe-like blades.


  • Spectrobes: Origins - "This heroic speedster is the first to leap into danger and deliver justice with its horns."

Attacks and AbilitiesEdit

  • Strong Attack: Rainbow Axe - "Yagizora brings its rainbow-colored horns down like an axe multiple times!"
  • Special Attack: Rainbow Blast - "Yagizora charges in a rainbow streak of light and pierces its foe with its large horns!"
  • Bonus Ability: Property DEF+ - "Reduces the amount of elemental property damage that Yagizora and you recieve." ((All) property damage taken -20%)


Name EtymologyEdit

Language Name / Etymology
Icon-English English Yagizora
Romanization of 山羊 (yagi, goat) and 空 (sora, sky), with z-pronounciation due to rendaku.
Icon-Japanese Japanese ライウーン Raiun
Distortion of the katakana for the English word, rain (レイン).


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