4k Zabacraw
Menahat - Pit of Ruin

Zabacraw is a colossal Krawl that appears in Spectrobes: Origins, on the planet Menahat.


It resembles a gargantuan Coelacanth fish, and is covered in a thick, almost web-like, exoskeleton.


It had the ability to swim through the sand at a high speed. In the ancient days it was said to have laid waste to Menahat, turning it from a lush, beautiful planet to a dry, golden desert.


In the Great Krawl War, Zabacraw had done most of the damage. The army of Spectrobe Masters used a device built by the Ancients, along with a Legendary Flying Spectrobe, to kill the monster. It reclined to the pit where it first plummeted to the planet. The pit, like the Krawl, is gigantic and called the Pit of Ruin. Years later, Krux reawakened Zabacraw. Rallen and Jeena brought the device back to the surface. They then awakened the Flying Spectrobe again and killed Zabacraw after an intense chase. However, after dying it spawned a new giant Krawl called Zabatar. Rallen and Jeena defeated it, thus ending the threat of the Giant Krawl on Menahat.


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