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Not in Nanairo Box Kaio Listing #75

Zappira Button Small Zappira | Zappizor | Totemo Totemo Button Small

Property Sky Sky
Form Evolved
Height 19 ft.
Weight 3307 lbs.
Evolves From Zappira Button Zappira
Evolves Into N/A
Weapon Zapp Lance Button Small Zapp Lance

Zappizor (ビリバリット Biribarito) is a Sky Property Spectrobe found in Spectrobes: Origins. It is the Evolved form of the Child Zappi.


Zappizor looks like a large, green crocodile with longer legs and lots of golden armor. At several spots on this armor there are spikes, some of which generate electricity. It has two pronged tails, which it uses to stag in its Strong Attack. Its Special Attack is very strong, which is an initial blast of thunder followed by repeated shock attacks, which damage an area.


  • Spectrobes: Origins - "Proud of its energy and stamina, this electric warrior loves to shock its enemies."

Attacks and AbilitiesEdit

  • Basic attack: Stomp
  • Strong Attack: Plasma Shock - "Zappizor thrusts its split tail at its foe and delivers an electric jolt!"
  • Charge Attack: Thunder Wave - "Zappizor stabs its tail into the ground and sends electricity pulsing into surrounding foes!"
  • Bonus Ability: Sky Boost+ - "Decreases the Sky damage that Zappizor and you receive from enemies and protects both of you from getting stunned." (Sky property damage -15%; Stun guard 60%)



Zapizor's Japanese name combines that of Zappi's and Zappira's, both having a connection to electricity.


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