Nanairo Listing #76
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ジャガネリユウ Jaganeriyuu
10.5 ft.
4409 lbs.
Beyond the Portals
Evolution Line
Child Adult Evolved
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Winba Winbus Windora

Zeragong (ジャガネリユウ Jaganeriyuu) is an Evolved Spectrobe of the Aurora Property that evolves from Gorgong. It only appears in Spectrobes: Beyond the Portals.


Zeragong appears like a large tortoise Spectrobe. Like its previous forms, it has a large, horizontal bell-shaped structure on its back, with a tail at the end. On its back it has two sets of thruster-like objects, two near the top, next to a large fin, and two near the bottom, with two more fin-like structures on it. On both sides of its head are a large tusk, and on its head is a horn, curved down but angled upward near the top. Zeragong also has a large beard, with the hear also running up to its head.


  • Spectrobes: Beyond the Portals - "This fighter charges with sturdy horns, but retreats into its shell turtle-style if startled."

Attacks and AbilitiesEdit

  • Normal: Briefly charges toward its enemies.
  • CH Attack: Zerabeam - "Fires a wide laser beam at distant enemies from the end of its bell."


Custom PartsEdit

  • Attack: Zerancor (Zeragong Tridus) - Replaces tusks with trident-like blades
  • Defense: Zerachain (Zeragong Subar) - Replaces tusks with large, blunt weapons, chains connected at each end

Custom ColorsEdit

  • Normal: Green
  • Custom Color 1: Lime Green
  • Custom Color 2: Cyan


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