The Zerok are a species of Krawl in Spectrobes: Origins. They are Raptor-like in appearance, and can be dangerous in numbers.


One of the most dangerous abilities of a Zerok is to knock the player down with swift, melee slashes. One is usually easy to deal with, but these creatures almost always attack as a pack. This can be very dangerous, and it is advised to be cautious around them. It is best to try to hit multiple foes at a time if you are able to. If not, try to evade attacks by dodging, and picking them off. A good solution would be a charged attack, if possible.


  • The Zerok's appearance and battle tactics (hunting in packs) suggest it is based on some sort of carnivorous raptor from prehistoric times.
  • Upon spawning, and when attacking, it emits a sound similar to laughter.
  • It is possible that the Barun krawl may be an evolved/mutated form of a Zerok, judging by the similarities in body structures.

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